Shearing machine maintenance policy

First, QC12Y hydraulic system of shearing machine malfunctions and their elimination

Shear failure phenomenon: the road towards pressure, head on without motion.

Shear failure causes: solenoid valve electrical plug connection is bad.

Shearing machine troubleshooting: check the electrical plug.

Solenoid valve is jammed by debris or napped surface; the combination valve the valve Seal debris is not closed: throttle block within the combination valve, check the removable and washable.

Return slowly or go back to the top dead center of head on, head on coordination with the pressing cylinder action sequence: return cylinder insufficient nitrogen pressure, checked and adjusted to the rated pressure, respectively.

Second, QC12Y shearing machine machine adjustment and operation

1, blade gap adjustment

Adjusment of appropriateness is the cutting quality is an important factor and prolong blade life.

Clearance adjustment locking screw loosen the temporarily, and then turn the handle to the desired value, then screw locking.

Ball valve uniformity as measured from top to bottom blade clearance purposes. Specific method is based on a single trip, when upper and lower to bottom dead center, and quickly turn the ball valve closed circuit, so that the upper dead center under the turret stop in. Then continue to trace open and close ball valve, so that the upper knife to trip on a paragraph up, piecemeal at this time of measurement tool blade clearance.

2, getting ready for an operation

1) cleaning the surface of the oil, attention to the Groove on the valve should be in the open position.

2) inject lubrication grease.

3) include L-HL46 # machinery oil in the fuel tank (oil must be clean).