Which press brake metal bending should I buy?

Which press brake metal bending should I buy?

We need pressbrake to bending our sheet metal for our jobs, but which pressbrakes wull be suitable for our metal bending jobs?

Press brakes are fabrication machines used for bending or forming folding sheet metal. The material is placed over a V-shaped die and pressed into force by a pressing punch.

These machines can bend simple and complex sheet parts, and they are used in a variety of industries ranging from automotive and aircraft to housing and cabinets.

Whenever there is a need for bending metal panels, a press brake is essential, which makes them very common in sheet metal fabrication job shops and machine shops.

What size press brake should I buy for my metal sheet bending&forming?

The most important factors when purchasing a press brake are the tonnage and bending length. These specifications are determined by the size and thickness of the material you will bend. Like max sheet metal bending thickness and Max bending length. As every press brake metal bending amchines  has a concentrated load limit which is calculated in tons per inch, in the center of the press. Using the wrong tonnage can damage the press ram, the die or the working part, and in the worst case, could ruin the bending machine.

This scenario would change for different kinds of metal and different kinds of machines. There are many different equations to use for determining press power. Thefabricator.com has a great article explaining press brake tonnage limits in much more depth.

These kind of calculations are typically available in a chart on the machine or in the operation manual. However a press brake operator should be aware of what he or she is bending and calculate the proper press power to use, to avoid using too little or too much, which can damage the machine.

So which press brake should I buy for my metal bending shops?

One of the most common types of press brakes is hydraulic force bending mahciens, and when paired with a CNC pressbrake control, it is known to reduce job setup time and greatly increase efficiency. CNC hydraulic press brakes can come in a wide variety of tonnages and sizes.

AHYW making press brakes ranging from 4feet to 40 feet in length, with press power from 30 tons up to 4000 tons.

For very small applications, you might go with our 4 feet 30T mini pressbrake bending machine model, included NC mini hydraulic pressbrake and MIni cnc synchro pressbrakes.

For a larger application you might go as large as our 20 feet 300Tons, 20 feet 1000Tons.

Or you need one eco friendly, quite, Hybrid pressbrake, AHYW can send you best offer as following links:

AHYW 3mtr Hybrid press brakes 4 axis for sheet metal bending applications.


The metal  bending length and tonnage needed when purchasing a sheet press brake are determined by application and what size and thickness of metal you are bending.

AHYW  has press brake experts that are happy to walk you through it and help figure out what machine is best for your sheet metal bending jobs!


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