Why need to buy one metal pressbrake machines

Why need to buy one metal pressbrake machines?

From Mechanical metal brakes to torsion bar pressbrake, CNC pressbrakes to Hybrid pressbrakes for sheet metal bending jobs!

Obviously from the history of building pressbrakes, metal bending brakes are the common and basic fabricating solutions to suit industrial development. It was sometime after the industrial revolution began, sheet metal fabricating shops from all over the world realized that they needed a better way to bend thin sheet metal to various shapes. Basic machining principles were just beginning to be metal formed, as innovations were being introduced at a rapid pace.The first recognizable press brake (sometimes referred to as a “brake press”) was conceived by a company out of Kentucky in the late 1870’s. This crude machine was the first working production press brake as we know it today.

Fromt  World War II, one mechanical type pressbrakes can reach the almost requirements of metal bending, using mechanical pry bar to drive top beam of pressbrake to down and up action to bending metal parts, while this pressbrake design cannot reach higher bending accuracy and nig noise always followed in shop, then one upgrated hydaulic pressbrakes with mechanical torsion bar design enter the sheet metal working machinery market, 2 hydraulic cylinders drive the top beam moving down and controlled by hydraulic valves of valves flow opening to reach bending pressure, mechanical torsion bar can be adjusted for parallel of 2  cylinders, that's traditional conventional pressbrakes, thus most of china pressbrakes still use this torsion bar design, but with NC pressbrakes controller plus motorized back gauge, pressbrake operators can set some bending program for X bending stroke and bending depth according to their experience..

And NC torsion bar can also adopt different NC controller to make bending angle program functions, operator just need to enter the target bending angle and Y axis will position automatically, that's comoputer calculating Y bending depth automatically.

But this did not stop the evolution of the modern press brakes, CNC pressbrakes using porprotional valves technology together with CNC controller, like DELEM, CYBELEC, ESA as well, Y1&Y2 have independent cylinders stroke controller, 2 linear scales mounted on both sides of pressbrake frames, it can read and monitoring real position of Ram moving, CNC pressbrake controller will calculate the correct position of Y1&Y2 moving values to finish bending cycle, cnc controller will give command to electro valves to get reasonable valves opening with required bending force, it's amazing development for sheet metal bending shops.

Then Eco friendly type drive pressbrakes design fresh our eyes, oil on demand design to reach higher bending accuracy and lower noise for your shop, no pedal down, pump won't work anymore.

Also the newest technology for pressbrakes is Hybrid pressbrakes, it combines hydraulic and electrical pressbakes with wonderful bending performance.

Now check this Hybrid pressbrakes AHYW Yawei made in China:


CNC Hybrid Press Brake machine is the latest high technology generation of Synchro press brake design, thanks to German Hoerbiger ePrAX Electro Hydraulic Hybrid system design. 

Eco-friendly, 65% energy saving, Accurate,Fast, Quiet, Efficient, Durable



AHYW Main Electro Hydraulic structure of Hybrid Press Brake Machines:

AHYW Hoerbiger ePrAX hybrid system mounted directly on top of Y1&Y2 cylinders;

valves, pump,servo drive and oil tank are compactly integrated in the ePrAX.



1, Y1 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

2, Y2 servo hybrid, including tank, servo drive and valves

3, Italy Phase servo drive for Y1&Y2 hybrid system

4,Y1&Y2 cylinders

This systems is the consistent further development of servo driven press brake systems 

from HOERBIGER. Hybrid press brake machine using one variable speed servo 

motor pump to drive&control real position and bending pressure in time 

AHYW Yawei Made Hybrid press brake machine 4M manufactures 

DELEM DA58T CNC color graphic control with 2D offline software 

5 Axis auto-controlled Y1,Y2,X&R and CNC motorized mechanical crowing table

German Hoerbiger valves and pump integrated in ePrAX hybrid system

Italy Phase servo motor&drive for hybrid system 

Japan Yaskawa servo motor for X&R auto back gauge

German Heidenhain linear scale for Y1&Y2

Taiwan Hiwin made ball screw&linear guide back gauge 

Wide Trumpf pressbrake finger stops moving on dual linear guide 

Amada-EURO type quick released clamping 

Amada-EURO hardened 88 degree top punch and 2V quick change die

Schneider main electrical components in cabinet

Wonderful foot pedal with emergency stops 

This Hybrid pressbrake can get all your metal bending job done!