Wila Pneumatic Pressbrake Tool Holders


wila tools

WILA New Standard Premium Tool Holders for top and bottom Tooling, based upon a unique  –patented– Self-Locking clamping mechanism. Tools are clamped using air pressure.  The main advantage of this approach is that tools can be clamped and unclamped extremely fast. Tool segments are clamped and positioned individually using clamping pins, which are, in turn, controlled via special plungers. This unique system further increases the speed of tool changes and results in significant increases in productivity. 

These Self-Locking New Standard Premium Clamping Systems (NSCL-II-SL/UPB) as well as the New Standard Premium Bottom Tool Holders (OB-II-SL/UPB) are especially well suited for smaller - often electrical - press brakes and press brakes with automatic tools change (ATC).