Wila Pressbrake Motorized Crowning Wedge Table

Wila Pressbrake Motorized Crowning Wedge Table


The pinnacle of productivity is having a minimum amount of effort producing a maximum result. That is the essence of our “productivity theory” for sustainable profitability. By thinking long term, productivity can be increased considerably. An investment in Wila products will pay for itself many times over in providing from day one much more flexibility and consistently high quality parts.


With press brakes, the machine frames tend to deflect during the bending process. Without correction, the top tool does not penetrate the bottom tool, especially towards the center of the press brake. As a result, the bending angle is not constant over the entire length. Wila has developed a very advanced solution to this common problem.

 Wila press brake Crowning systems are characterized by their extremely compact design without any externally moving parts. Control often takes place automatically via a CNC drive motor integrated to the machine controller, eliminating the need for the press brake operator to make adjustments for machine deflection.

The basis of Wila Crowning is the patented ´Wila Wave´ opposing wave technology, by which the bottom tools are supported along the entire length. The opposing waves are provided with different slope angles, higher towards the center and shallower towards each end.

By shifting the bottom wave in the longitudinal direction with a CNC-operated motor (standard 400V-3PH-50HZ) or with manual

adjustment, a curve is created. In this way, the deflection of the entire press brake is automatically compensated proportionately the entire machine length.



Wila supplies these Wila Wave Wedges also as separate item. This allows you to incorporate them into the lower beam or table of your press brake. These Wila Wave Wedges are available both as segmented or in one piece.

The range Wila Wave Wedge sets consists of a number of different width as well as possibilities to compensate local deviations in the vertical surface (y-direction).


The Wila Wave Wedge sets are manufactured with extreme precision,to ensure an exceptionally high degree of repetitive accuray; the design is fully custom made to meet with all specifics of query form that is used as input for our computer design calculating module. As a result of this near perfect wave is determined; this is the only way we can assure a perfect bending result.

Wila pressbrake Crowning Wedge

Wila Pressbrake Wave Wedge Segmented

Wila Wave Wedge Set 0%


Wila Wave Wedge Set 100%