Anhui Yawei Machine is one of the best China made AHYW Yawei CNC Press Brakes machines, Metal Hydraulic Guillotine Shears, CNC Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machines, CNC Bending Machines, metal cutting machines suppliers, manufactures, factory in China


AHYW Hybrid Press Brakes Machines 4 axis CNC controlled pressbrakes Yawei AHYW made in China

AHYW Original Hoerbiger Eprax Hybrid servo motorised pump press brake machine Yawei manufacture

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AHYW China Yawei CNC press brake machines manufactures 3mtr 10ft bending brakes suppliers made in China

AHYW China Yawei amde AHYW 3mtr Synchro CNC metal bending brakes press machines 4 Axis

Delem DA52S CNC controller,AHYW X&R CNC Auto 2 Axis Back gauge Euro punch holder and toolings

China made 8ft AHYW Yawei Hybrid CNC Press brake machines manufactures

China ESTUN made SVP Eco system, AHYWAC servo motor to drive for Hybrid CNC brakes press machines 4 Axis


Italy DSP CE laser guarding AHYW Yawei CNC Press brake machines CE approved

EURO Wila type motorized mechincal crowning table


Original German Fiessler Laser guarding&Yawei AHYW 10ft 3Mtr CNC brakes press bending machines 4 Axis

AHYW Yawei 4mtr CNC Hybrid Press Brake machines manufactures suppliers made in China


2*30L oil capacity of Yawei AHYW Hybird CNC Press brake machine manufactures in China

2 Units main servo motor to drive variable pump, Eco friendly Yawei AHYW CNC press brake machines China

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AHYW 8ft2.5m cnc press brake 3 axis                            AHYW X backgauge for cnc pressbrakes

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  AHYW 8m Large cnc tandem pressbrakes                   AHYW  ESA530 CNC pressbrakes 3 axis

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 AHYW 100T3m cnc pressbrakes DA52S               AHYW German Bosch Rexroth hydraulic valves


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AHYW 4m CNC pressbrakes 3 axis                           AHYW ESA525 NC torsion bar pressbrakes

IMG_20160906_100241.jpg    cnc motorized crowning table.jpg

AHYW Amada 30 degree acute punch, 2V quick change die  AHYW CNC Wila Motorised Crowning table

finger type.jpg    IMG_20160905_131454.jpg

AHYW Double linear gudie for fingers stops             AHYW X&R back gauge for CNC pressbrakes

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AHYW 10ft cnc pressbrakes 4 axis                           AHYW 4m CNC pressbrakes 4 axis

IMG_20160906_132456.jpg   IMG_20160906_132548.jpg

  AHYW DA58T Touch screen 2D Graphical controller        AHYW 3M CNC Pressbrakes

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 AHYW Optional 4 pcs metal bending fingers        Amada quick clamping for Yawei AHYW cnc pressbrakes

IMG_20160906_132842.jpg    IMG_20161124_093028.jpg

Customized AHYW CNC pressbrake top punch         AHYW DA52S 3m CNC pressbrakes

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AHYW 160T4M CNC pressbrakes, DA52S controller   Optional CNC motorised croowning

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200T4m AHYW cnc hydraulic bending machines    AHYW CE light guard Yawei CNC pressbrakes

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6m large metal bending brakes  2Axis E21           200t3M AHYW NC hydraulic pressbrake                                

IMG_20160726_075903.jpg   IMG_20151206_123028.jpg

Multi-V die for Yawei NC bending machines           USA Sunny Pump for Yawei NC AHYW metal bender

IMG_20160714_152346.jpg   300T6000.jpg

3m CNC AHYW pressbrakes DA56S controller      China AHYW 6m&20ft large metal bending machine 300T

IMG_20161015_124426.jpg   12m cnc boring and milling machine.jpg

AHYW 12m CNC Tandem Pressbrakes                  AHYW 8m Large NC metal pressbrakes factory China

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AHYW Yawei 300T8m Large NC metal bending brakes Made in China

delivery for 6m press brake.jpg

         Delivery of Yawei AHYW 6m large CNC pressbrakes


IMG_20160726_082509.jpg  500T.jpg

AHYW 400T4m CNC pressbrakes 4 axis DA56S   AHYW 6m&12mm large sheet metal bending machine

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AHYW 6m&500Ton NC pressbrake metal bending


                            China Yawei  AHYW 8M Large CNC Pressbrakes


    China Yawei AHYW 10m large sheet metal guillotine cutting machines QC11K Variable rake angle

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 AHYW Yawei Mini CNC Pressbrakes 4 axis         AHYW CE Certificate 4m CNC pressbrakes 6 Axis

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 X,R,Z1&Z2 4axis CNC pressbrake back gauge6 Axis, R1&R2 AHYW cnc pressbrakes 8 axis backgauge

IMG_20161021_082440.jpg   IMG_20161021_082401.jpg

Yawei AHYW QC12K 6mm&3m sheet metal shears cutting machines, 10ft NC metal guillotine

IMG_20160921_092306.jpg   IMG_20160921_092410.jpg

China Yawe 3M AHYW Hybrid CNC Pressbrakes 4 Axis  Servo motor to drive pump Hybrid metal bending

IMG_20161106_121145.jpg   002.jpg

16mm&8m AHYW large mild steel metal cutting shears    30mm&8ft heavy duty metal sheet guillotine shears

IMG_20160710_123630.jpg   QC12K 163200.jpg

16mm&3m Variable Rake Angle metal guillotine Shears AHYW10ft fixed metal cutting machines

无logo.jpg  IMG_20160906_134438.jpg

China Yawei AHYW QC11K 6mm variable rake angle sheet metal guillotine cutting machines


  China Yawei AHYW 4mm mild steel plate guillotine cutting machines


China Yawei AHYW 6mm mild steel plate shearing cutting machines

6m shears.jpg

China Yawei AHYW Large 6m&12mm mild steel plate shearing cutting machines


China Yawei AHYW 6m&25mm  Large metal sheet steel plate shearing cutting machines

guillotine shear106000.jpg

China Yawei AHYW 10mm&6m, 20ft  Large metal sheet steel plate shearing cutting machines


AHYW CNC Pressbrakes 400T4m, 6 axis, X,R,Z1&Z2 4 axis CNC controlled automatic back gauge

DA66T Touch screen 2D CNC brakes press controller




AHYW 800W,1000W,1500W, 2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

AHYW Yawei made IPG 1kw/2kw fiber laser tube cutting machines

fiber tube cutting machine.jpg

AHYW 2M Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, IPG 1kw,2kw,3kw,4kw&6kw Fiber Laser 6m,8m,10m,12m large fiber laser cutter

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