3 Common Issues Of Press Brake Tool

Analysis of Three Common Issues of Bending Machine Die

01, Damage of press brakes tools

The tools damage of bending machine refers to the cracking, breaking and opening of the die. In order to deal with the problem of die damage of bending machine, it is necessary to find out the reasons from the design, manufacturing process and the use of the die of bending machine.

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the manufacturing material of the bending machine die is suitable, and whether the corresponding hot burial process is reasonable. Usually, the heat treatment process of die material has a great influence on it. If the quenching temperature of the die is too high, the quenching method and time are unreasonable, and the number and temperature of tempering and the selection of the elbow are improper, the die of the bending machine will be damaged after entering the bending production. The size or depth of blanking hole is not enough to block the groove hole and cause the damage of blanking plate. The spring force design is too small or the contour sleeve is unequal in height, which will cause the spring to break and the blanking plate to tilt. It will cause overlapping punching and damage parts. If the punch is not fixed properly or the screw is not strong enough, it will cause the punch to fall off or break.

When the tools of bending machine is used, the position and direction of the parts are incorrectly installed or the bolts are not tightened properly. The adjustment of working height is too low and the lubrication of guide pillar is insufficient. Failure of feeding equipment and abnormal press will cause damage to the die. If foreign bodies enter the die, parts overlap, waste obstruction and other situations are not handled in time, continue processing and production, it is easy to damage the blanking plate, punch, lower template and guide pillar of the die.

02,  Jammed between  top and bottom press brake tools

In the process of bending, once the die of the bending machine is not flexible, or even stuck, it is necessary to stop production immediately, find out the reason of the die stuck, and troubleshoot. Otherwise, the breakdown will be enlarged and the die of the bending machine will be damaged.

The main causes of clamping die are poor guide and inclination. Or there are foreign bodies between the formwork, so that the formwork can not be pasted flat; the strength design of the die is not enough or the force is uneven. For example, the hardness and thickness of the die base and the template are too small to be easily deformed by the impact of external forces; the location of the die is not accurate, and the positioning error of the upper and lower dies is excessive. Or the accuracy of the press is too poor to interfere with the die; the strength of the punch is not enough, and the position of the size of the punch is too close, so that the lateral force of the die is unbalanced. At this time, the strength of punch should be increased and the guiding protection of discharging plate should be strengthened.

03, Press brake tools Damage and Maintenance for Bending Machine

The cost of die for bending production is high. Usually, the cost of die for bending machine accounts for 1/5-1/4 of the total cost of parts. In addition to die manufacturing difficult, high cost. After putting into production, the cost of repairing and grinding the pressbrake tools is also high, while the original cost of the mould only accounts for about 40% of the total cost of the mould. Therefore, regular maintenance of the die to prevent the damage of the die can greatly reduce the cost of the die in bending production.