AHYW 10mm Sheet Metal Hydraulic Shears Stock Forsale

AHYW 10mm Sheet Metal Hydraulic Shears Stock forsale

AHYW QC12K NC Hydraulic Shearing Machines for sale Yawei manufactures China

AHYW 10mm steel plate cutting machines Yawei factory China

AHYW 10mm metal guillotine shears Yawei suppliers made in China

AHYW 3M Yawei metal cutting shears China manufactures

AHYW QC12K NC Hydraulic Shears-10*3200mm

Max sheet metal cutting capacity: 10mm mild steel&5mm stainless plate cutting

                                                      3.2m or 10 feet sheet metal cutting length

AHYW NC Sheet Metal Guillotine shears standard with ball screw&linear guide back gauge

AHYW Motorised NC back gauge with retract function


AHYW ESTUN China made E21S NC plate guillotine controller

E21 Controller can make position for X back gauge with metal cutting stroke program function

Easy to operate for AHYW China Yawei made 10mm sheet metal cutting shears


If you are looking for sheet metal guillotine shears or pressbrake bending machines from China manufactures suppliers, AHYW Yawei can offer you best service!


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