AHYW 12M Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

AHYW 12M Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machines delivered to customer site!

AHYW YWFL 1kw, 1.5kw.2kw.IPG Laser cutting machines Yawei manufacture China supplier

Last week, AHYW delivered one 12m fiber laser cutting machine to final user, this customer bought one 6m large Metal variable rake guillotine shears and one 6m large cnc pressbrakes for metal bending last year, customer was very happy with AHYW metal working machines. This year, they had more metal cutting jobs due to rising business recently, customer just made one calling and then comfimred the purchasing of 12m large sheet metal fiber laser cutting machines.

Standard AHYW YWFL Fiber Laser cutting machines features China Max laser source, Swiss Raytools laser cutting head, Taiwan Apex Gear transmission system for X&Y axis, Japan Panasonic servo motor and driver, China famous brand chiller, Bochu Cypcut software for laser cutting support.

AHYW 12M*2M, 1500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Yawei made in China

Max cutting capacity: 12mm mild steel plate laser cutting or 6mm stainless plate laser cutter

Max sheet cutting size: X axis up to 3000mm, Y axis up to 1500mm

Laser Power; 1500W

Laser Source: China Max, or Raycus, German IPG, Nlight options according to your different cutting requirments

Auto focus laser head as dtandard above 2KW Laser cutting power

Main images of AHYW YWFL 12M fiber laser cutter Yawei manufactures made in China

More details required for AHYW YWFL Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 3015, 4020,6020  from Yawei China factory, please send us email!

AHYW Also have all kinds of sheet metal cutting shears, fixed cutting metal shears, variable rake sheet guillotines, NC torsion bar metal bending machines, AHYW CNC Synchro Pressbrakes, AHYW Hybrid Pressbrakes!