AHYW 16mm Mild Steel 6m Large Metal Guillotine Shears Forsale China!

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█ Standard Equipment:

ESTUN E21 NC Controller, can program and go to position function

Taiwan Shihlin Frequency inverter

Cutting angle adjustable, manual adjust cutting angle according to different plate thickness

  • Motorized blades clearance adjustment

Siemens electric components

5 units standard front support

Back gauge with 800mm cutting stroke

Top blade 4 cutting edges, bottom blade 4 cutting edges

China top level compact hydraulic valves


Front operator finger protection safety fence

Removable foot pedal with Emergency stop button

Send email to export@ahycnc.com, if you are looking for 16mm mild steel cutting guillotine shears, 6m large metal guillotine shears from China manufactures, suppliers, factory directly.

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