AHYW 3Mtr NC Pressbrakes Yawei China Made

AHYW 3Mtr NC Pressbrakes Yawei China made manufactures

AHYW 200T sheet metal bending machines Yawei made in China

AHYW 200T3200 NC pressbrakes 2 axis made in China

AHYW 63T smaller NC pressbrakes Yawei made in China

AHYW 8 feet NC metal bending machines 2 axis made in China


AHYW WC67K NC Pressbrake 200T3200 options with hand mechanical crowing table

AHYW Yawei 2 axis NC sheet bending machines with NC motorized mechanical crowing table

AHYW WC67K 63T2500 2 axis pressbrake bending machine with CHina made ESTUN E21 2 axis controller

Standard configurations for AHYW WC67K NC Pressbrakes Yawei made in China

ESTUN China made E21 2 axis NC pressbrake controller

Taiwan Shihlin frequency inverter

NC motorized back gauge with ball screw and linear guide

Amada type pressbrake clamping made in China

Amada type 88 degree pressbrake top punch and Multi V die Yawei manufacture  made in China

Optional Manual crowing table, included hydraulic compensation table and wila type mechanical pressbrake crowing table

Any interesting in AHYW Yawei made WC67K NC conventional type pressbrakes, email us to export@ahycnc.com