AHYW 400T Pressbrake And 16mm Guillotine Shear

AHYW 400T Pressbrake and 16mm Guillotine Shear delivered to Vietnam

AHYW NC Pressbrake-400T4000mm

Main features:

ESTUN China made E21 2 axis controller

Max bending pressure: 4000KN

Max bending length: 4m

13mm mild steel bending with 4m length

16mm carbon steel bending with 10ft

Motorized powerful ball screw and linear guide back gauge

Main Siemens electrical components

Hydraulic and electrical overload protection

8mm stainless steel bending with 3m

6mm stainless metal bending with 4m

Shipping terms: one 20 feet flat rack container

AHYW NC Hydraulic Variable Guillotine Shear-16*3200mm

Carbon steel cutting 16mm, 10 feet mild steel cutting

Stainless steel cutting 8mm, 10 feet cutting

China ESTUN made E21 NC controller, position and program function for cutting stroke

Variable rake cutting angle adjusted for different cutting metal thickness

Ball screw and linear guide back gauge  motorized power

CNC central mechanical lubrications for main points

800mm nc back gauge for cutting stroke

4 cutting edges for top&bottom AHYW guillotine shears blades

Shipping terms; 20 feet open top container

AHYW Sheet Metal Hydraulic Pressbrakes and VR Guillotine Shears with many options for your sheet metal bending shop:


AHYW 4axis cnc pressbrake with X&R 2 axis CNC auto back gauge and motorized anti deflection table


AHYW 6 axis cnc pressbrakes with X,R,Z1,Z2 4 axis cnc controlled auto back gauges


AHYW 8 axis cnc brakes pressing with 6 axis cnc controlled auto back gauges


AHYW Hybrid pressbrakes with Hoerbiger Eprax hybrid system