AHYW 6m Large Sheet Metal Bending Brakes 4 Axis

AHYW 6m Large Sheet Metal Bending Brakes 4 axis Yawei manufactures made in China

Currently, AHYW got one order from India market for 6m sheet metal bending brakes

It will have DELEM DA58T 2D Graphical controller, motorized mechanical anti deflection table, CNC controlled auto bending X&R back gauge

Metal capacity can reach 160Tons, with max 6m sheet plate bending length

Mild steel plate bending capacity Max 3mm thick or thin 1.5mm stainless plate bending



Sheet metal fabricating custoemr required Eco friendly Synchro pressbrakes with standby functions, we use ESTUN designed SVP system to drive the hydraulic gear pump, bigger servo motor to replace standard motor

All required electricity&oil on demand, pump won't always running when operator deal with material and program on controller.

The whole system will just have oil consumption when operator depress foot pedal for metal sheet bending purpose, then the oil and hydraulic system won't heat up, especially for India customers with higehr temperature working situations.

AHYW Hybrid brake press 40% energy saving

 Hybrid CNC pressbrake AHYW  is one cost effective&Eco friendly, electricity&oil combinated bending machine, big power Servo motor to drive pump, servo system can determine rotation speed of motor, thus control oil flow&metal bending pressure with better energy saving performance.


AHYW CNC Hybrid pressbrakes Advantages:

1, AHYW Hybrid brake press Save electricity rates at least 40%

Almost no electricity consumption when bending machine on idle stage

The servo motor just work when operator depress foot pedal, while traditional AC motor always on working status and pump is running all the time even no any bending signal.

2, AHYW Lower oil consumption for hybrid pressbrakes

AHYW Hybrid system only execute running oil on demand, it can avoid any throttle&overflow consumption, when operator loading material or operating on controller, the pump is stop&silent,no any oil consumption.

AHYW Smaller oil tank and lower oil consumption, reduce 30% oil capacity.

3,Lower noise

Motor and pump won’t running when idle and making program stage.

04, AHYW hybrid pressbrakes No need oil cooler

Pump won’t running cycle all the time, the oil won’t heat up, prolong using life time of hydraulic parts and oil

05, AHYW BRAKE PRESS Fast response of bending cycle

Servo motor have much faster response time than AC motor when ram moving up&down, approach speed can reach 200mm/s.

06, AHYW Brake press Higher bending accuracy

Servo motor can control running speed and pump oil flow precisely, thus higher bending accuracy can be reached.