AHYW 8 Feet NC Plate Press Brake Bending

AHYW 8 feet NC Plate Press Brake Bending Machine Yawei China manufactures

AHYW Yawei 4mm mild steel plate bending brakes China factory

AHYW 8 feet sheet metal folding machines Yawei suppliers

Max metal bending capacity: AHYW bending 4mm carbon steel with Max 8 feet full bending length

E21 NC AHYW pressbrakes 2 axis controller made in China ESTUN

AHYW 88 degree straight top punch and Multi V dies Yawei design and made in China

Some images for AHYW WC67K NC Press brakes bending machines, 2 axis brake press:


AHYW Yawei 4mm mild steel *2500mm metal bending machines China manufactures

AHYW NC Pressbrakes bending machine with ball screw7linear guide back gauges

China ESTUN made E21 NC 2 axis pressbrake controller AHYW WC67K hydraulic bending machines

AHYW pressbrake top punches and Multi V die

AHYW NC Pressbrakes standard sheet support for conventional WC67K NC plate bending machines Yawei made

Any interesting in this 8 feet AHYW Yawei made 2 axis nc pressbrakes?


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