AHYW Electro Hydraulic Hybrid Servo Pressbrake

AHYW Hybrid Pressbrakes with Rexroth made Hybrid Servo Pump system


SVP adopting bigger servo motor to derive pump, not common motor to drive pump, with ESTUN designed SVP Hybrid system, the pump won't always running, just have oil consumption when pressbrake operator depress foot pedal, it have more advantges compared with tranditional CNC Sycnhro pressbrakes for bending metal parts.

It's one on-demand servo drive hybrid cnc pressbrake

The SVP (servo-variable pump drive) system consists of a pump that is optimized for variable-speed applications, a synchronous servo motor as well as the corresponding servo controller and accessories.

AHYW Hybrid 4 axis CNC Press Brake machines -3m100T is fully Synchro cnc press brakes design in China, Hydrid metal bending machines will adopt servo motor to drive pump, the pump only start working only when pressbrake operator press footpedal with metal bending procedure, it will just standby when no workpiece bending, which will save electricity and oil consumption, it's one elvolutionary synchro cnc press brakes



Advantages of Yawei AHYW 3mtr CNC Hybrid pressbrakes 4 axis manufactures suppliers made in China:

1, Save electricity rates at least 40%

Almost no electricity consumption when bending machine on idle stage

The servo motor just work when operator depress foot pedal, while traditional AC motor always on working status and pump is running all the time even no any bending signal.

2, Lower oil consumption

Hybrid system only execute running oil on demand, it can avoid any throttle&overflow consumption, when operator loading material or operating on controller, the pump is stop&silent,no any oil consumption.

Smaller oil tank and lower oil consumption, reduce 30% oil capacity.

3,Lower noise

Motor and pump won’t running when idle and making program stage.

04, No need oil cooler

Pump won’t running cycle all the time, the oil won’t heat up, prolong using life time of hydraulic parts and oil

05, Fast response of bending cycle

Servo motor have much faster response time than AC motor when ram moving up&down, approach speed can reach 200mm/s.

06, Higher bending accuracy

Servo motor can control running speed and pump oil flow precisely, thus higher bending accuracy can be reached.

Increased Ram Speeds

Better Accuracy

Smoother Ram Positioning at High Speeds

Less Oil Requirement

Hybrid system.jpg


ESTUN made SVP servo variable Pump system mounted in cabinet of AHYW Hybrid CNC Pressbrakes

AHYW Hybrid pressbrakes also have many options work with Hoerbiger Eprax Hybrid pressbrakes system

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