AHYW Yawei 16MM 9M Large CNC Guillotine Shears

AHYW Yawei 16MM 9M Large CNC Guillotine Shears In Production

9M Guillotine is not one common model for metal cutting shears, 16*9000mm big guillotine can cut 16mm carbon steel sheet with 9m length, or you can cut 8mm stainless steel with proper cutting gap and cutting angle, DELEM DAC360T only requring shears operator enter cutting material factors, like metal material thickness, metal cutting width, metal cutting length, then delem dac360t will calculate the best cutting angle and cutting gap for better cutting accuracy automatically. Easy cutting page can help operator to cutting well material, even it's the first time to running guillotine for the operator.

Heavy duty front support helps feeding material to the cutting area easily, cnc auto lubrication system can be switched every shift, all main mechanical parts will be auto lubricated, which can ensure longer using lifetime.

9M Guillotine shears can be also installed Italy made ESA S625 4 axis cnc guillotine shear controller, cnc front feeding system, cnc rear light curtain CE guarding system; CNC rear double cutting action pneumatic sheet support.

AHYW Yawei CNC Metal Guillotine Shears cover small Guillotine 4mm&8ft to 40mm&12m huge guillotine shear for different metal cutting applications in all kinds of industrial segment. Email us for more details of Large 4 axis AHYW Yawei HGSK CNC Guillotine Shear.