AHYW Yawei 6mm Metal 4m Guillotine Forsale

AHYW Yawei 6mm Metal 4m Guillotine Forsale from china manufacture factory

AHYW Yawei 4m NC Variable Rake Angle Guillotine features 0.5mm-6mm mild steel sheet cutting capacity, Aluminium sheet cutting, Galvanized sheet 0.55 thin plate to 6mm carbon steel cutting, also you can cut 3mm stainless steel with 4m sheet, variable rake cutting angle can be adjusted according to different thick material, NC motorized cutting gap adjustment can help you get wonderful cutting edges, front feeding table standard coming with sheet balls transfer, ESTUN made E21S NC controller with X axis positioning&program function, Taiwan brand frequency inverter driving x axis sheet cutting back gauge, ball screw&linear guide back gauges as standard configurations.

AHYW Yawei 6mm 4m VR Guillotine Shear forsale

AHYW Yawei HKSK CNC Metal guillotine delem dac360t 12mm mild steel 6mm 4m stainless sheet cutting mahine manufacture china

Hydraulic hold down system 6mm stainless steel plate HGSK CNC guillotine cutting shears DAC360T

Optional Configurations for AHYW Yawei china made HGSK 6mm metal cutting, 3m&4m cnc guillotine shears

Italy made 4 axis ESA S625 CNC Guillotine Shear controller

DELEM DAC360T, DAC362T full touch screen 4 axis cnc sheet guillotine shears

Double cutting action pneumatic sheet follower for cutting thin material, especially galvanizeed thin sheet for roofing building industry

CNC Guillotine Shear controlled auto cutting gap adjusting

CNC Guillotine Shear controlled auto cutting stroke adjusting

CNC Guillotine Shear controlled auto cutting angle adjusting

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