AHYW Yawei 8 Axis 40T Mini Pressbrake To Japan

China AHYW Yawei 8 Axis 40T Mini CNC Pressbrake Shipped To Japan

Small Synchro press brake sepcial designed for bending small laser cut sheet, mini bender can get fast bending speed and  high bending accuracy, Yawei 40T 8 axis Mini pressbrake features 6 axis auto bending back gauge,Delem da66t or ESA S660W 3D Graphical controller, X1,X2,R1,R2,Z1&Z2 multi axis back stops can help you bending different sheet metal profiles,small bender can save your shop space and increase your productivity of bending mini parts. Fast bending, Accurate Bending, Cost Effective Mini Bender!

Optional Yawei AHYW Mini 8 Axis CNC synchro press brakes:

DELEM DA58T,DA66T, DA69T, 2D&3D Graphical pressbrake bending controller

ESA S640, ESAS660W, ESA S675 3D full touch screen top level metal bending controller

X,R,Z1,Z2 4 axis auto press brake bending back gauge

Trumpf, Wila or Italy Rolleri cnc press brake hydraulic or pneumatic die holders

Wila Premium or New Standard Hydraulic pressbrake clamps

CE Monitor valves technology

Germany SICK light curtain front finger guarding& rear safety switch protection

Italy design cnc press brakes DSP Laser gaurding with MCS safety controller

Australia made cnc sycnhro press brake Lazersafe IRIS PCSS safety laser gaurding

Germany made cnc press brake Fiessler AKAS CE laser guarding

Germany Pilz front cnc press brake laser protection

More details required for Yawei AHYW Mini 40T Mini Pressbrakes, email us!