AHYW Yawei 800T8M CNC Tandem Press Brake DA58T 5 Axis

AHYW Yawei 800T8M CNC Tandem Press Brake DA58T 5 axis

CNC Synchro Tandem Press brakes  use 2 same models pressbrake united for bending longer sheet, especially over 8m length,  2 machines can be bending independent for high productivity short metal bending, it uses same controller with synchro technology; different models can be also united with tandem options, one big press bending thick&larger parts, one small press bending thin&small profiles, it can be work together bending longer parts with reasonable design on 2 different size machines.

AHWY Yawei 2*400T4M CNC tandem press brake bending 8m long sheet metal parts, DELEM DA58T,

 5 axis cnc controlled, Wila Motorized crowning table, straight punch and Multi V die

AHWY Yawei 2*300T6M CNC tandem press brake bending 12m circular&polygon light poles, DELEM DA58T,

 5 axis cnc controlled, Wila Motorized crowning table, special poles forming tools

AHWY Yawei 250T8M CNC tandem press brake bending 8m long sheet metal parts, DELEM DA52S,

 5 axis cnc controlled, Wila Motorized crowning table, straight punch and Multi V die

China Yawei 320T8M CNC Tandem press brake bending 8m longer Galvanized sheet profiles

DELEM DA58T 2D Graphical full touch screen controller with CNC wila motorized crowning table

AHWY Yawei 2*400T6M CNC tandem press brake bending 12m polygon light poles, DELEM DA52S,

 5 axis cnc controlled, Wila Motorized crowning table, special polygon light poles bending tools.


How do cnc tandem press brakes work?

CNC tandem press brakes execute all axis with cnc auto controlled,Ram depth accuracy and repeatability are achieved with linear scales. These components evaluate the position of the ram multiple times per millisecond and direct that information back to the CNC controller, which then governs the hydraulic system powering the machines. Instead of reading two scale positions for a single machine, CNC tandem press brakes read the position of four scales and adjust accordingly.

The tandem press can be controlled either from a single station to act as one long press brake, or tandem can be operated independently as two separate synchro press brakes. Most CNC press brakes now  have an option that allows part programming to be shared across both cnc press brakes.

Once the mechanical features are in synchro pressbrake bending machiens, it is imperative that both bending machines be functioning properly. Any problem one of the pressbrakes experiences will affect the operation of both. For instance, if a linear scale is misrepresenting the position of the Y1 cylinder on one side of the tandem, the tandem press brake will not be able to deliver consistency in the final sheet bending angle across the length of the entire part.

Most of the same rules of operating single bending machines should be applied to tandem press brakes. The first thing to keep in mind is the tonnage rating of the machine. A common misconception is that having two machines in tandem doubles the tonnage regardless of where the bend takes place. Full, combined tonnage of the machines applies only to full-length parts. Attempting to apply full tonnage of both machines across parts that don’t run the length of the machines can create issues with premature wear of components.

Does CNC Tandem Press brake works well than 2 machines?

Flexibility. CNC Tandem Press brakes give you the ability to provide flexibility to your customers by offering a one-stop shop for a variety of parts. For instance, if a job shop has two 500ton, 20 ft press brakes operating in tandem, it not only can produce a part up to 40 ft. long, but also employ both machines independently to double output for parts 20 ft. or less in length or thick bending profiles.  CNC Tandem brakes offer the flexibility to keep future business options open.

Risk Aversion. Buying a tandem press brake machine configuration allows you to potentially avoid risks. By essentially having two brakes, your shop still can produce smaller parts on one brake in the unfortunate event that one machine has downtime.

Bending Speed. Two smaller cnc press brakes are faster than one large press brake. While bending time might not be the most critical component in the production process,higher speeds can allow shops to produce more sheet fabricating parts.

Auxiliary Costs. The cost of an additional cnc press brake, or tandem press brakes, is only a percentage of the total cost of the project. Before purchasing any piece of fabrication equipment, conduct a thorough evaluation of auxiliary costs. How does the transportation cost differ for one large machine relative to two smaller machines? Will special permits be required? How does the rigging cost compare for each machine type? Will additional foundation preparation work be needed for one type of configuration relative to another? What about incoming power and hydraulic oil requirements? Understanding all costs associated is the only way to accurately calculate  return on investment.

What kind of metal bending profiles  unsuitable for cnc tandem pressbrakes?

CNC Tandem press  brakes are a great way to create a lot of bending length, often up to 60 ft. or more. However, with a tandem press brake set, each machine still has clear pass frames. Optional Customized throat dimensions to suit specific metal bending jobs, but when you are bending very wide parts, single pressbrake side frames still get in the way. While bending wide parts reduces the need to weld smaller parts together, you should still be aware that a tandem set with additional side frames might not be the best fit for its application. China Yawei AHYW factory is one professional manufacture CNC press brakes and CNC Guillotine supplier in china, we can design all kinds of sheet metal cutting&bending machines to suit your specific profiles, longer parts bending, 9m,10m cnc press brakes ,11m, up to 16m longer sheet bending, email us your profiles, we can design and bending your sheet parts in yawei ahyw factory.

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