AHYW Yawei Large Plate Cutting And Bending Machines

AHYW Yawei Large Plate Cutting and Bending Machines manufactures forsale


AHYW Yawei China can manufacture large sheet metal guillotine shears and all kinds of NC&CNC plate bending brake machines, included 30mm mild steel cutting shears, 6m large hydraulic shearing machines, 8m,10m, 12m large plate cutting guillotines, 500T, 600T, 800T, 1000T, 3000T large plate bending brakes, bending metal length can be made from 6m 8m to 12m long profile bending capacity.

All kinds of ESTUN made NC E21, E200, DELEM DA41S NC controller with bending angle program functions, DA52S,DA53T,DA66T, DA58T Touch screen cnc pressbrakes with 2D graphical offline software. Cybelec ESA CNC guillotine shear&brake pressing controller.

Welcome clients from all over the world talking about your detailed sheet cutting&bending requirements.

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