AHYW Yawei Mini CNC Press Brake Machines

AHYW Yawei Mini CNC Press Brake Machines manufactures China

AHYW is designing one smaller CNC pressbrake with single cylinder controlled, Max bending capacity 35T with 1050mm metal bending length, you can bending up to 2.5mm mild steel for some smaller parts.

Standard AHYW Yawei mini cnc brake press with DELEM DA52S CNC controller, Y1,Y2,X axis, also can be made with R axis.

single cylinder CNC pressbrake.jpg

mini cnc pressbrake.jpg

AHYW Yawei can use DELEM DA58T, DA66T, Cybelec Mod eva CNC pressbrake controller and all kinds of cnc controller.

Drop us one email, AHYW Yawei can design different metal guillotine shears and sheet pressbrake machine to finish your job!