American Wilson Press Brake Crowning Table

American Wilson Press brake Crowning Table for Precise Sheet metal  Bending

Bending a part over 4-feet long on a press brake can lead to a bowed appearance in the part or “the canoe effect” due to machine deflection.

The Wilson Express Crowning™ system is the precise and consistent option for controlling deflection on your press brake with a simple hand crank or electrically crowning the lower beam and securing dies with set screws or hydraulic power.


The Express Crowning™ system offers precise crowning and micro tuning.  You have your choice of control for crowning power and for securing the die. 

Die holding:

  • Your choice of set screws every inch along the beam for manual tightening, or

  • Hydraulically powered die holding

Crowning power:

  • Use the hand crank with digital display, or 

  • Use the machine’s CNC control to adjust the crown via an electric motor.

The Express Crowning™ system crowns the beam overall, as well as in smaller, micro-crown adjustments for fine tuning. Crowning adjustment details:

  • Overall crowning capability adjusts the beam up to 2.5mm to 3.5mm (depending on length)

  • Micro crowning, for fine-tuning adjustment, is available at points every 200mm (7.78”) on the beam. Micro-crown adjusts up to .76mm (.030”).

 Adding a clamping system to your press brake is like adding new life to your machine in that it adds modern and efficient clamping and refreshes the bending surface.  Clamps are also a way to dramatically reduce setup and changeover time. With solutions ranging from lightning speed push-button clamps, to a deflection controlling crowning system to quick lever-activated clamps or economical manual holders, Wilson Tool provides a clamping solution for every press brake.