Bending Machine Numerical Control Machine Tool Industry Upgrading

Enhanced services are familiar with and level of service is the top priority, CNC bending machine mould industry in China to handle modern subjects. It stretched far beyond the device's improvements. Previously, there have been many painful experiences, some companies pay big bucks to introduce overseas advanced equipment, but the concept has not changed, still producing exactly the standard CNC bending machine mould, efficacy is not welcomed by the market.

Today's rich countries of modern CNC press brake tooling construction, after the annexation and reorganization since the 80 's of last century and improved, showing "high starting point, large investment, scale, home of"

Characteristics and trend of mobilization. 10

Largest multinational CNC bending machine mould group, holds the domestic two-thirds, CNC bending machine mould market share. CNC bending machine mould enterprises compared with non-theory in product development, process development, equipment development capacity and service levels were very different in terms of marketing. Must be recognised, the difference overnight to catch the  of CNC bending machine mould industry turned out to be a traditional industry, and high-tech growth discipline is not the same as a lot of skill and experience, with a long history.