Brake Hydraulic System Without Pressure

Quickly slow the slider and pause time too long.

1, check that the oil level in the tank is too low, fluid is not flooded, and fast forward on the cylinder when insufficient liquid-filled suction-induced liquid-filled cavity. Above tank oil liquid can be added to the liquid-filled above the 5mm, fluid-filled porous completely flooded.

2, check whether the fast forward speed too fast, causing insufficient filling. Reasons as above can be modified by reducing the fast speed of the system parameters.

3, check whether the filling valve is fully open, if it is because of oil contamination, the filling valve valve core activities not flexible card lag caused by insufficient liquid-filled. Need to clean the filling valve replacing the valve freely.

Fault: slider return to normal faster into normal, manual can't slow down, folded plate and weak.

1, check the control the hydraulic control circuit of "two four-way" valve is working properly, if it is caused by filling valve is not closed, so that the upper Chamber and the fuel tank filled with liquid is communicated, build pressure. Lead the valve is not working properly because there is no power or is stuck.

2, check whether the filling valve is stuck, and if so, please clean the filling valve, reinstall, and flexible to make the valve core.