Buy China Yawei Metal Sheet Shearing Machine And Press Brake Bending Machine

Buy China Yawei Metal Sheet Shearing machine and Press Brake Bending Machine from manufactures suppliers factory direct for sale

Many sheet metal fabricating company want to buy sheet metal fabricating machinery from China, but there are some advice from Anhui Yawei Machine Tool(, which you can refer to choose the right machines for your job.

01, Sheet metal cutting machines from China

When you have plan to buy one metal cutting machines, if you just want to cut mild steel plate thickness upto 12mm, metal cutting length below 4000mm, Yawei QC12K series swing beam type will be your best choice, standard machine come with NC shearing machine controller, can make program and position for cutting stroke and cutting times, it's deign for one fixed metal cutting, 2 edges for top blades and 4 edges for bottom cutting blades.

While you need to cut above 12mm metal sheet for your fabricating requirements, one QC11K series guillotine shears will be better, this metal sheet cutting machine will come with variable rake cutting angle design, ESTUN E21S NC guillotine shears controller made in china, especially for 25mm thick metal plate cutting.

02, Sheet metal press brakes bending machines from China

Normally China Yawei made WC67K NC Press brake can meet your metal bending requirements, as this Yawei press brake will standard come with ESTUN E21 NC press brake controller made in china, you can make program for bending stroke and bending back gauge, it can be finish your regular profiles with some standard or specical press brake tooling.

But when you are making fabricating stainless steel door or some other high precision required products, then CNC Press Brakes will meet your jobs, China  Yawei CNC Press Brakes have different CNC controllers, like DELEM DA52S, DA56S, DA58T CNC Press Brake controller, also you can choose ESA, CYBELEC CNC Press brake controllers, standard configuratios with CNC automatic hydraulic crowning system, X back guage with ball screw and linear guide, Amada quick released clamping, German Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system.

For China Yawei CNC Press Brakes bending machines, there are have many options for CNC automatic press brakes back gauge, 4 axis cnc press brakes made in china. 6 axis, 8 axis cnc press brake bending machines are all available according to your detailed metal fabricating jobs

Anyway, send your detailed requirements to us by email, you will get fast and professional solutions, there should be one metal sheet shearing machine and press brakes metal bending from China manufactures, suppliers will meet your fabricatiing job and budget.

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