Buying One Customized Press Brake

Buying One Customized Large Press Brake

When one sheet metal  fabrication shop want to  bending 3m sheets of 6mm thick mild  steel into U channels or troughs, one 3m or 4m cnc press brake with typical punch and die combinations can finish one good bending jobs. Some special bending application maybe need some special press brakes features, long bending flanges.

What's one Customized  Press Brake?

Standard press brakes machines are designed around an intended function. Machine manufacturers offer different throat depths and stroke lengths, the machinery is intended to complete the same basic function: straight-line sheet metal bending&forming.

Many standard press brakes are highly configurable. Multi Axis Back gauges, safety guarding systems, special tooling system, and other options can be added. But “configurable” is not the same as “custom.” If you need a press brake configured for your application, you consider your application requirements, then choose a press brake and the back gauge&tools options available. But if you need a customized press brake, everything starts with the bending application, and the press brake is designed around it according all your metal bending profiles, you need to inform the press brake manufacture all details, then can design the best one for you.

Customized press brakes are built around specific processes or certain types of metal fabrication. You are paying for the design and development as well as the physical machine. So why should you consider buying a customized press brake? It’s all about your metal bending  application.

Bending Wider Metal  Parts

Considering  an application requiring the bending metal wider parts. If these wide parts required only simple bends, then you could use a standard press brake with standard tooling.

But occasionally wider parts dictate the need for a specialized press brake. Corrugation bending is a good example. To bend small corrugated parts, you can buy standard corrugating dies that fit normal press brake clamping systems. However, when the corrugations are, say, 600mm wide, a standard machine design will not work. This application would require not only a larger corrugation die, but also a specialized press brake top&bottom beam. Specifically, the ram and lower table surface area would need to be extended to accommodate the size of the tooling system. Moreover, the press brake would need extra guiding to keep the ram coming down straight onto the pressing surface.

Another challenge for bending wide parts is getting them in and out of the press. Press brake Material handling systems may require that a bending machine have a greater stroke and a larger throat—that is, the space between the tooling and the machine frame.

A Coil-feed … Press Brake?

Mechanical power presses have a predetermined footprint relative to tonnage, whereas a press brake can be customized to fit within a shop’s space.

Consider one application that uses not just one but three die sets in a press brake, fed not by a person but by a coil-feed system. Material flows not from back to front but instead across the length of the press brake bed, out of an uncoiler on the right-hand side, into the press brake, and ultimately out of the left-hand side. The first die punches the appropriate holes, the second trims the edges, and the third forms the edges of the final part and makes the final trim.

This application requires a very deep throat and wide upper and lower platens to accommodate the size of the die sets. And to create a single point of operation, the electrical system of the coil line has to be integrated into the press controls.

Longer Sheet Bending  Parts

Long metal  parts will not fit on just one press brake. CNC Tandem press brakes can bending long parts, but the customization does not end there. In light pole&electrical poles bending&forming, not only are two press brakes bending together in tandem, but they also need very deep throats and long strokes to fit the different long poles bending applciations.

Beyond the press brake, the application calls for special channel dies, infeed and outfeed conveyors, and devices pushing poles out from machine once finsihing poles bending&forming. From this point, one cnc press brake controller need to conisder all details wit different profiles demand.

Customized  press brake  involve complex parts and a significant amount of decision-making. In fact, the decision criteria when buying a custom press brake can be as complex as the applications themselves. Buying a custom brake means paying more for design time.