China 6 Axis CNC Pressbrake Sheet Follower

AHYW Yawei 6 Axis CNC Pressbrake Sheet Follower made in china factory

CNC Press brake sheet follower system is fully CNC controller automation device, it's a movable support table, which can lift&support material when bending action starts,It is fully synchronized with the ram press brake bending speed and desired angle and can support a load capacity of 180KG per sheet follower; It's highly recommeded for heavy parts or larger thin parts, like big door frames&larger panel bending&forming;Bending speed and activation of the Sheet Following System are fully programmable by the operator in DELEM DA66T, DA69T, ESA S660W 2D&3D Graphical bending controller. Sheet follower can be also installed on the back of bending back gauges with special design.

Front mounted linear guide way to manually positioning the lift arms left&right along the front of the pressbrake, it can parking on the left or right side of pressbrakes; When sheet following system not being used, the bending aids can be parked out of the way to free up space in front of the press brake.  

AHYW Yawei 6 axis cnc press brake Sheet Follower System can obviously improves larger or longer metal panel bending productivity by assisting the operator with part handling system.  The bending supports are fully synchronized with the direction and speed of the press brakes bending ram , which can ensure larger panel material is followed part up and down during the full bending cycle. This can greatly reduce labor cost when forming large parts with big order bending quantity.  The dual lifting arms are mounted to a linear guide on the front of the lower bending table, so they can be easily moved into position by the press brakes operator.

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