China Made Large Tonnage CNC Bending Machine-military Special Vehicle

Recently, the factory developed by the Shanghai Academy of spaceflight technology new force 3200 tons Super (16 m) double NC plate bending machine smooth delivery to the customer, which not only broke the record factory built CNC bending machine, also made important breakthroughs in large equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Large tonnage bending machine is the key to 16 mm thick steel plate bending equipment, production, large structural steel pipe for oil pipelines and military special vehicle manufacturing has a wide range of applications. At present, only a few large enterprises have a large tonnage press brake capacity.

The plant development and production of large tonnage dual linkage numerical control bending machine, using the current NC operating system achieved full touch-screen operation menu in English and three dimensional graphics programming and bending machine configured with a special hydraulic control system, linear scales, backgauge axes control, degree of interference compensation device, effectively ensures that the bending precision. It is reported that two CNC bending of sheet metal bending machine parallelism can be controlled to within 2 mm, 90 degree bend angle error is within 20 minutes. The follow-up will be applied to aerospace ground equipment of machine tool manufacturing.