China Metal Cutting Guillotine And Sheet Metal Press Brake Bending Machines Making Door Frames

China metal cutting guillotine and sheet metal press brake bending machines making door frames

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China metal bending machine for making Roller Shutter Door frames manufactures suppliers

China stainless metal press brake bending machines for stainless door frames manufactures suppliers

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For produce Roller Shuuter Door frames and stainless door frames, normally need metal cutting machine and metal bending brake, Anhui Yawei metal cutting guillotine machines standard coming with NC shearing machine controller, can make go to position function, will have very good performance from cutting thickness 4mm to 40mm, while sheet metal cutting length covered from 2.5m to 12m, 8ft to 40ft sheet metal cutting machines are all available.

While forming stainless door frames, China Yawei can offer you very good solution, it's required bigger daylight press brake bending machine, gooseneck top punch, single v but higher operation height for making door frames, the Max stainless door frames thickness is around 2mm, within 5m length.

Also China Yawei AHYW 4 axis cnc press brake bending machines is good option for making Roller Shutter Door frames manufacture lines, we can offer you high effiency of door frames production, higher precision for your metal door frames production, CNC press brake controller will offer you 2D forming vision and you can make the simulation on offline software with actual door frames profiles.

For the door frames manufacture lines, China Yawei got many reference in domestical China market and market all over the world.

The following 4 machines will be delivered to our Stainless Roller Shutter Door frames manufactures, included 4mm*4500mm NC metal cutting guillotines, 80T4500mm large stroke press brake bending machines, 160Ton4500mm large daylight press brake machines, 40ton China Mini small ton press brake machines with 4ft metal bending capacity; these 4 metal shearing machines and metal NC bending brakes are all manufactured according to customer's final door frames profiles, that's totally customized shearing machines and press brake machines made in China.

Welcome stainless door frames manufactures suppliers all over the world forward your detailed requirements for your door frames making, send email to, you will get fast and professional solutions.

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