China Yawei AHYW 2200T14M CNC Tandem Pressbrake

China Yawei AHYW 1000T8m&1200T6M CNC Tandem Pressbrake In Building

AHYW Yawei made 1000T8M&1200T6M large cnc tandem press brake are specially designed for bending different length  light poles, each cnc press brake can be work separately with 20*8000mm steel plate bending and 25*6000mm steel light poles forming capacity.

Yawei 1000T8M 1200T6M Large poles CNC tandem press brakes execute all axis with cnc auto controlled,Ram depth accuracy and repeatability are achieved with linear scales. These components evaluate the position of the ram multiple times per millisecond and direct that information back to the CNC controller, which then governs the hydraulic system powering the machines. Instead of reading two scale positions for a single machine, CNC tandem press brakes read the position of four scales and adjust accordingly.

China Yawei AHYW CNC tandem press brake 1000T8M 1200T6M Large metal bending machines DELEM DA58T

This Yawei made 2200T14M Large cnc tandem press brake can be controlled either from a single station to act as one long press brake with DELEM DA58T full touch screen 2D Graphical bending controller, or 1200T6M Bending machine and 1000T8M Large bending machine can be operated independently as two separate large bending capacity synchro press brakes.

Different metal bending tools&forming molds can manufactures different shape poles, angle bending punch and lower die match together for bending Polygon Conical poles, like 6m Hexagon poles bending, 8m,10m, 12m&14m Octangle mast poles bending, 2 units 8m CNC Press brakes can be work together for bending 16m longer mast poles for city mobile industry&communication projects, up to 40m longer mast poles bending&forming; R bending punch and die work together forming 8m,10m, 12m&16m round poles with different Diameters.

AHYW Yawei 1200T8M Large tandem pressbrake forming 12m poles suppliers

12M&16M Light poles extraction devices are optional available, front&rear CNC controlled auto feeding table will increase your poles bending productivity&precision.

More details for bending poles, email us your specifications and you will bending different poles in your factory with AHYW YAWEI 8M,12M,14M&16M Large cnc tandem press brakes.