China Yawei Metal Guillotine Shearing Machine And Metal Pressbrakes Export To Middle East!

China Yawei Metal Guillotine Shearing machine and Metal Pressbrakes export to Middle East!

Today we had 3 containers to Middle East market, included 14 sets machines, 3 sets metal guillotine shearing machine, covered 4mm mild steel cutting shears, 6mm&12mm mild steel plate cutting machines, cutting length from 8ft to 10ft, 3m metal guillotine.

Also NC Pressbrakes from 4ft to 10ft, metal bending pressure from 30Ton Mini pressbrake to 160T3m hydraulic 2 axis torsion bar press brake.

Welcome all customers all over the world, please send me your metal fabricating requirements, we can discuss the machine model&specifications which will be suit for you, money valuable solution!