CNC Bending Machine Maintenance Is Now Master Of Shanghai Times Subsequently Overcome Technical Difficulties

At present, CNC bending machine maintenance and renovation industry there are three main types of business forms, namely, order maintenance and renovation, equipment maintenance and recycling used older CNC bending machine for manufacturing. In which of the three forms of business, the more common and popular is the order type of CNC bending machine maintenance and renovation.

This workshop evolved from large-dimensional modified forms of business has a strong vitality and market adaptability. Shanghai double servo automatic control equipment Ltd is in the background of specialized companies, since the company was founded in 2005, has hundreds of companies have completed more than 600 sets, sets of NC equipment maintenance and renovation work for the manufacturers of these devices to save a large amount of funds to buy new equipment.

Recently, the Shanghai special received a number of times subsequently Japan AMADA numerical control bending machine maintenance and reconstruction tasks. After the exploration site, as long as everything's technical staff were stunned by the scene in front, vacancy of several pieces of equipment that were to be alone in the room, no use, no maintenance. After testing, remove beyond the loss of equipment due to long-term use, the numerical control system of these equipments have occurred due to improper use or fault, big or small. Customer technician said to the times subsequently, because of maintenance costs and spare parts problems, before they discuss several vendors had no success, most of the suppliers to the scene said spare parts for equipment not equipped with, or prices will be very expensive. Through the side to understand, they know the equipment maintenance of NC system faces serious technical challenges, technical capacity in this area if it does not meet basic requirements for manufacturers, it is difficult to fix. Customer-facing urgent desire to allow these devices to rejuvenate again, double CIS technical team then into detailed work plan and implementation plan prepared.