CNC Hydraulic Beams Bending Arch Machine H Bending Machine With U-shaped Steel Bending Machine

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Structure and working principle

The device consists of the main motor, speed reducer, roller, pump motors, gear pumps, relief valves, solenoid valves, cylinders, wheels and the fuel tank and other parts, bending machine, see electrical schematics, hydraulic schematics.

Work principle: put beam put in cold bent machine Shang, cold bent machine and reducer led of wheel contact Hou, cold bent machine will pressure tight handles into to lock tight, cold bent machine started motor pump group, cold bent machine by electric pump output of high pressure oil by spill flow valve (can adjustment by needed pressure), cold bent machine into poly into block to electric liquid valve, cold bent machine has electric liquid valve and points moving switch (points into, points back) control oil cylinder work, cold bent machine work oil cylinder advance, cold bent machine will beam and three a support wheel pressure tight does not occurred bent deformation Shi began calculation, Cold cylinder to push the length of the process for each 10MM-15mm, open main motor forward or reverse bending machine, bending machine main motor-driven beams, bending machine repeatedly, Bender is the desired date.