CNC Press Brake Bending Tools

CNC Press Brake Bending Tools

When we consider to buy one cnc press brake for sheet metal bending applicatiopns, we need to get more information to choose the correct press brake and bending tooling.

1. Bending Acuracy

The requirement of bending accuracy is a factor that needs careful consideration. It is precisely this factor that decides whether a CNC bender or a manual bender should be considered. If the bending accuracy is required to be (+1 degree) and can not be changed, we must focus on CNC machine. CNC bending machine slider repetition accuracy is (+0.0004 inches), forming accurate angle must use such accuracy and good die.

2, mold

Even if there are shelves full of moulds, don't think these moulds are suitable for newly bought machines. The wear of each die must be checked by measuring the length between the front end of the punch and the shoulder of the die.

For conventional dies, the deviation per foot should be about (+0.001 inches) and the total length deviation should not be more than (+0.005 inches). As for precision grinding dies, the accuracy per foot should be (+0.0004 inches) and the total accuracy should not be greater than (+0.002 inches). It is better to use precision grinding die for CNC bending machine and conventional die for manual bending machine.

3. Edge Length of Bending Parts

Assuming that a 10-gauge low-carbon steel plate of 5 *10 feet is bent at 90 degrees, the bender must apply an additional 7.5 tons of pressure to lift the plate, and the operator must be prepared for a straight drop of 280 pounds. Making this part may require several strong workers or even a crane.