CNC Press Brake Tooling And Debugging A Few Notes

CNC bending machine mould installation and debugging what caution? CNC bending machine model is made up of many parts, so when you install be sure to check the status of the device and carried out strictly in accordance with the procedure and at the time of installation and commissioning attention to safety, installation and debugging of CNC bending machine mould process.

1. the adjustment of the machine: before mounting, first adjust the machine performance, this process must be patient and careful, viewing the machine is there dirt and used iron debris, the necessary cleanup, to reduce the trouble of late.

2. slide stroke adjustment: check good mould thickness and check the upper and lower modules are normal, and normal module to control travel circuit switch point, it is important to note that.

3. travel adjustment of the modules: is limit point adjustment for the module, module in to the highest at the time, set the switch, and set aside the slider position while descending the deceleration of time module, better protection of machines and moulds.

4. adjustment of the gap: the main is to first measure the distance under modules, and module on specific gap setting is based on the folding plates of.

5. angle adjustment: angle adjustment of certain products, usually fold 90 ° dies, then angle on either side must be greater than the angle in the Middle, then its tightness according to the adjustment screws, when bending, can be adjusted by pressure gauges for pressure, avoids tipping.