AHYW Yawei China Made Metal 3m Guillotine Shearing Machine

AHYW Yawei China made Metal 3m Guillotine Shearing Machine

When you consider buying one cutting machine for metal shearing, AHYW Yawei china manufactures offers a selection of high quality, high production metal shearing machines for sale that are a cut above the competition. With our superior designed hydraulic shearing machine lineup, all possible sheet metal and plate cutting jobs and requirements will be met, by one or the other of our two series of shearing machines. Whether it be a need for a hydraulic shear consider our Variable Rake Guillotine Shear, or our Swing Beam Shear. We offer metal shears from 4mm NC powerful positioning cutting back gauge to 40mm heavy thick material 4axis/5 axis auto VR CNC Guillotine Shear, simple auto cutting device and cnc advanced sheet cutting automation are all available in china AHYW Yawei factory.

AHYW Yawei 9m large sheet metal VR CNC Guillotine Shear ESA S625

AHYW Yawei CNC Variable Rake metal guillotine style shears have a CNC control that adjusts cutting gap,cutting angle, cutting stroke&cutting edges automatically. Metal Guillotine operator only need to enter material factors to cnc shears controller, like cutting length, cutting width, carbon steel, stainless steel, Galvanized steel, DELEM DAC360T or ESA S625 full touch screen colorful controller will be running automatically for all cutting axis; This QC11K,HGS&HGSK Vertical Metal Guillotine Shear especially cutting well for thin Galvanized sheet with Min cutting gap&Min cutting Angle, also VR Guillotine running very well when cutting thick material over 16mm or thick stainless steel. All kinds of CNC front feeding system, Rear Double cutting action Guillotine shear pneumatic support, Guillotine shear sheet cutting Conveyor &Stacking system.

AHYW Yawei QC12K  hydraulic shears are sheet  swing beam design, Swing Beam Shears have a heavy and robust swing arm, with a proven reliable designed frame. Over-sized roller bearing guides and box construction provide a constant blade gap over the full cutting length. This design will ensure the shears deliver a straight cut every time. A quick-set single point blade gap adjustment is conveniently located on the side frame of the shearing machine. The operator can easily and quickly change this setting, as the material type and thickness demands, which can get  high quality metal material blanking off. Simple operating China ESTUN made E21S NC metal shearing controller, it can meet almost of common sheet cutting requirements, easy cutting pages can help junior metal cutting machine operator, simple operating, lower maintenance&very competitive prices all determined AHYW Yawei QC12K Swing beam shear is the most popular sheet metal cutting shearing machine in the market.

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