How To Build One Metal Box With Metal Cutting&bending Machines

Metal Boxes come in all shapes, sizes and material. Building a box is a great way to get into the basics of wood- or metalworking. These projects are simple to complete and can familiarize you with the machinery and tools associated with the craft. Follow this guide to make simple boxes that have a huge number of uses.
Making a Metal Box with one sheet metal cutting machine and metal bending brakes.
1, Obtain sheet metal. You’ll want metal that’s thick enough to make for a sturdy box, but thin enough to bend. Duct metal is a good material. You’ll want to start with a rectangular piece.
2, Measure your cuts and bends. Layout line on your sheet metal to designate where you will be cutting and bending. You will be bending the four sides up to make the walls, so measure out equal lines parallel to the edges. These lines will mark where the walls are bent. •You will also be bending over the top of each wall to hide the sharp edge. Draw a parallel line a short distance down from each of the edges.
 •Mark out equal squares on each corner of the rectangle. This square may already be present because of the bending lines that you drew earlier. This square will be cut out to create flaps that become the sides of the box.
3,Cutting the squares out. Clamp the sheet metal to the workbench so that it doesn’t shake or vibrate during the cutting. Use a jigsaw or other metal saw and work slowly to ensure that you are cutting straight lines.
4, Bending the top edges over. Once all of the squares are cut out, you’ll be left with the four flaps. You’ll be bending over the edges of these flaps to make smooth edges for the top of the box. Insert the first edge into a bending brake. Make sure that it is lined up with the line you measured earlier. Bend the edge 90°. This will create a lip. •If you don’t have a bending brake, lay the sheet on the edge of a table and place a piece of wood on top. Clamp the wood to the table as tight as possible. The piece of wood will act as the brace of the bending brake, allowing you to bend the metal by hand or with a mallet.
 5,Bend the walls up. Now that the tops of the walls are finished, it’s time to start raising them. Insert one flap into the bending brake, lining up the bending line you measured earlier. Bend the wall up at a 90° angle. Repeat this process for each wall.
6,Secure the corners. At this point, you box should look almost complete. The four walls should all be up, and the top edges all folded over. Now you will need to secure the corners with smaller pieces of metal.
7,Attach the corner securing plates. Once they’ve been bent, place a corner securing plate onto the corner of the box, and drill holes through the plate and the box. Place tow holes on each side of the fold, at the top and the bottom. Insert rivets into each of the holes. Use a ball-peen hammer or rivet gun to set the rivets. •Once all the rivets are set, the box is complete.