Hydraulic Bending Machine Operation

1, operators use the bending machine must read the instructions before, familiar with and master the structure, performance and tuning method for bending machines.

2, when people must confirm that in the absence of any unsafe elements, press the foot switch.

3, the bent function under eccentric loading (suitable for right), its maximum partial pressure value is 120KN (kn)

4, the clearance between the upper die must be adjusted evenly, working, lower die are not allowed to place any tools and Workbench, there shall be no welding scar defect on the surface of the workpiece.

5, in order to keep the bending machine cleaning, use, should always pay attention to each part of the bending machine, such as abnormal, should immediately stop checking.

6, die v General chosen to be 8 times times plate thickness, that is, V=8S, native bent sheet thickness 16mm. 7, in strict accordance with the sheet metal bending pressure gauge adjust the pressure.