Is A China Sheet Metal Cutting Shear a Good Option For You?

With technology advancing to the point in the metal fabrication industry that we now are cutting metal with plasma and lasers, many people have asked, “Is there still a need for a sheet metal shear in our shop?” In most cases you will find the answer to be a resounding, “Yes.”
A sheet metal cutting shears is a staple in many shops for their day-to-day business operations.  A metal cutting shear is a very utilized and productive piece of equipment because of its ease of use, quick set up time and low operating cost. For example, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use a plasma machine to cut 200mm off of a piece of 50mm material that is 50mm wide when you can simply put it on a metai cutting shear and within a couple minutes make the cut and be done.
There a few different types of metal shears that are common and widely used in the industry: swing beam and guillotine style.

16mm, 6m large sheet metal guillotine shearing machine manufactures suppliers in China

Variable rake cutting angle metal sheet guillotine shears made in china

12mm, 6m large sheet metal swing beam shearing machine manufactures suppliers in China

A swing beam metal shear is a hydraulic cutting machine. The upper beam hinges on a pivot point in the middle of the side frames.  This is a heavy duty, robust machine designed for cutting thicker material.  These can be found as manual, NC, or CNC machines. At Anhui Yawei Machine company(, for example, we offer this machine in our QC12K series (Swing Beam Touchscreen Shear).  The QC12K is available in cutting capacities of 4mm up to 30mm and in lengths of 2.5m up to 6m.  The Anhui Yawei QC12K hydraulic metal sheet cutting shear boasts the world’s  most robust swing beam shear construction.
A guillotine-style shear is also a hydraulic machine with a cutting movement similar to a guillotine.  This is the most versatile metal cutting shear in the marketplace. At Anhui Yawei  we offer this machine in the QC11K series (Variable-rake angle cutting Shear). The QC11K comes standard with the China ESTUN E21metal cutting machines controller,  Blade clearance, cut length, and cutting angle are easily adjusted with the NC control.  The QC11K is available to cut in capacities of 4mm all the way up to 40mm and in lengths of  up to 12m.  There are many options available for this metal sheet cutting machine to make it as automated as you need, including sheet supports and automatic feeding and conveyor systems.
When considering how they benefit shops with their versatility, speed and set up time, it’s not difficult to see why sheet metal cutting shears are so prevalent in the marketplace. Send email to China Yawei Machine, if you have any interesting to buy hydraulic sheet metal cutting shearing machine from China manufactures, Suppliers.