Italy ESA S675W 3D 8 Axis CNC Press Brake Controller

Italy ESA S675W 3D 8 Axis CNC Press Brake Controller

Esautomotion, the  Italy professional CNC pressbrakes and Guillotines controller manufacture  was launching one 21.5 inch big touch screen 3D cnc press brake controller.

ESA 3D sheet metal bending software specifications:

Interactive 2D graphic editor for work pieces and tools data entry.

2D graphic display of machine frame, work-piece and tools.

2D automatic identification of the best bending sequence.

Multi-tandem management: by the use of a digital bus (Can Bus) it is possible to realize

tandem or multi-tandem press-brakes(max 4).

Automatic calculation of bending force and force limitation as a function of the maximum

tool load.

Management of 3D images generated by cad-cam.

Automatic crowning calculation.

Automatic calculation of the development with the possibility of correcting the stretching coefficient of the material.

Automatic management of crushed folds.

Complete off-line programming of tools and programs by means of a standard PC.

Remote diagnostics service, allows to determine the cause of fault in the machine with the end customer and to change the CNC settings so as to restore optimum operation.


Italy ESA 3D Sheet Metal Bending Press Brake Functional specifications

Selectable and programmable axes and auxiliary functions.

Drivers for hydraulic axes with CNC synchro press brake proportional valves or servo valves; for servo drivers, and a.c. motors with or without inverter.

Drivers for the most common field bus (Sercos, CANopen, Mechatrolink, EtherCat...).

Following arms, thickness detector, in-process

Angle measurement units, robotic inter-facing, controlling for cnc tandem press brakes.

Safety PLC communication (PILZ, LAZER SAFE). IEC 61131-3 PLC programming language with function utilities, either written in IL or “C” language, are available for manufacturers.

Multi Axis CNC Synchro press brake 3D ESA S675W full touch screen controller made in Italy, DXF files insert directly

Standard 4 axis and wila motorized crowning table, on request up to 14 axis top level cnc advanced press brakes and wila motorized crowning table or hydraulic crowing table

Italy ESA S675W ESABEND 3D Metal Bending Software

EsaBend is an application for the programming and the simulation of a Press Brakes machines with a CNC, used to increase productivity, decrease downtime and reduce material wastage.

EsaBend allows offline calculate the tooling and bending sequence, through a 3D simulation environment where they are checked for collision between the part, tools feedback and machine components

General features of Italy ESA S675W 3D 21inch full touch screen metal bending controller  

• Direct import from SolidWorks, Solid Edge e Inventor

• Import and unfolds IGES and STEP 3D parts

• Automatic and manual tool selection based on the type of material, machine and tools properties

• Automatic and manual bending sequence with collision control

• Automatic calculation of the back gauges backing

• Automatic and manual back gauge positioning with interactive graphic controll of all axes

• 3D simulation of the bending process with collision detection

• Detailed report of tooling stations of the machine which also includes the bending sequence, the tools used and the graphic and specific information bend by bend


• Automatic features that speed up management time from design to finished product

• Offline programming which allows minimizing downtime

• Collision control in the bending sequence that allows a reduction of the material discarded

• Automatic and manual bending sequence with collision control

• The tools library is compatible with the availability of tools needed for the production

ESAS S675W 3D metal bending software

Efficiency in Press brake tooling system selection

Based on:

• Availability of different types of tools and its fractionation

• Bend radius

• Maximum machine force

• Collisions control

Full crushed fold management

• Definition of default tools crushed fold, for automatic recognition

• Setting the pre-bending angle, with default and editable value

Sequence of sheet metal bending  calculation

EsaBend automatically calculates the sequence of bend taking into consideration the following points:

• Avoid collisions

• Availability of the fractionation of the tools

Full manual control:

• Split of complete folds into partial folds, with the angle definition of pre-fold

• Interactive editing of the order of the bending sequence

3D sheet metal bending simulation ESA S675W

CNC Synchro CNC Press brake metal bending Back gauges positioning:

EsaBend provides automatic and manual control options of the back gauge:

• Automatic position back gauge supporting

• Automatic calculation tooling considering the shape of fold

• Graphic and interactive control for all of the axis

• Snap Management on all axes for precise positioning stop

EsaBend comes with real-time, automatic 3D simulation, presenting a realistic visualization of the bending process.

The simulation helps you to create an error-free process, producing NC code or a bending report

The simulation lets you check whether the part collides with the press brake, tool setups, finger-stops, or even with itself. It also checks whether the finger-stops collide with any of the tool setups, and whether the punches collide

with the dies.

• Real-time animation

• Realistic visualization of bending process

• Dynamic collision analysis (e.g. backgauge movement)

• Detection of collisions between all moving elements

• Operator part handling

• 100% correct program

CNC Press brake metal bending Back gauges positioning

CNC Synchro CNC Press brake bending Tooling report

The complete bending tooling report includes:

• Bend sequence instructions

• Tool information and tool setup details

• Flat view with the bend sequence

• Product handling

• Bend By bend graphics

ESA S675 3D press brake bending setup report