Italy Made Rolleri Press Brake Clamp System

Italy made Rolleri Press brake Clamp system

The new clamping ROL200 for Punches! The new patented system enables manual, pneumatic or hydraulic vertical clamping of your top tools. The special features are the enormously simple handling and the surprisingly low price, which guarantees huge efficiency. It is available as retrofitting as well as original equipment. This new clamping is a revolution in the market of press brake tooling!


  • fast vertical tool change for all Rolleri R1 type punches

  • can be used without modifying Rolleri R1 type punches

  • safe and fast tool change

  • substantial improvement in time consumption and related costs

  • secure against tool falling down

  • available in manual, pneumatic and hydraulic models

  • Mounting: Simply from the bottom into the housing, tighten – DONE!

  • Disassembly: Untighten, gently lift tool and remove it downwards.

  • Easy to mount on your press brake.

  • Modification of the press brake is not necessary.

  • For Rolleri punches type R1

  • No modification of the necessary tool

  • Vertical insertion of the tool

  • Automatic tool alignment

  • Anti-fall system

  • Includes intermediate choice

  • Versions: pneumatic and hydraulic

1 (2)

ROL 4 press brake clamps

  • Horizontal tool exchange

  • Integrated KDS-System

  • For Standard-Punches Rolleri Type R1. There are no modifications necessary!

  • Manual Back Clamp standard on both versions

  • Automatic tool alignment


  • Thanks to its curved construction, ROL1 CLAMP3 guarantees perfect clamping and alignment of small segments

  • Ergonomic lever on the clamp to open and close easily

  • Hardened plate mounted between clamp and intermediate to protect them against wear

  • Fast mounting system through springs and buttonholes

  • Made of C45 nitrated

  • Long life cycle

  • Manual version


  • ROL1 can be used on all press brakes with Rolleri R1 type intermediates with standard tang

  • In order to use the ROL1 System, punches are modified and equipped with spring-loaded ball bearings

  • Vertical clamping of tools is possible thanks to a row of spring-loaded ball bearings which are also used as antifall system to prevent punches from falling down

  • A complete mechanical and efficient fast clamping system for press brakes

  • Productivity and versatility of press brakes is substantially increased

  • Significant reduction in the set-up times when changing tools

  • Automatic tool alignment

  • ROL1 system has been designed for press brakes that mount intermediates max. at 70mm distance to each other. In case the distance between intermediates is bigger, make sure that a minimum quantity of ball bearings is in the clamp.Such quantity depends on the type of the tool and its length

  • Manual version

EASY press brake CLAMP

  • No tools modification necessary

  • Avaiable in 2 versions: single and double clamp

  • Horizontal Front Tool change

  • Horizontal Rear tool change (Double Easy Clamp)

  • Anti-fall System

  • Includes an intermediate of your choice

  • Manual Version