Mini Pressbrake Metal Bending Machine

Mini Metal Pressbrake Bending Machine

Mini press brake for short&thin metal bending. Compact and fast. Moveable by forklift when needed and capable of bending small, complex parts as well as some larger sized parts, if need be. Electric or hydraulic driven or a hybrid system. Manual or robot fed. Automatic toolchangers, lasers for precision bending, superior ergonomic options, intuitive controllers. Today's models come in multiple formats with a plethora of options.

Fornow, mini press brakes were showcased, and most featured electric- or servo-driven technology. For bending small parts, the industry is moving away from traditional hydraulic systems because of speed. Electric press brakes are typically faster for small parts.

Acceleration and speed potential are the biggest advantages of electric-drive technology, The larger the part, the less benefit you will see from a fast press brake because the weight and handling of the part becomes the real bottleneck. Based on that, the size of the components required in production tends to lead an equipment buyer toward electric- or hydraulic-drive brakes.”

Speed is also important in production situations where the press brake supports other processes. “Higher stroke rates allow press brakes to be more in line with the upstream process machines, such as the laser or the punching machine.

Amada High-speed Mini press brake

The EG 6013 press brake from Amada is an ultra-high precision, high-speed compact brake that features an advanced dual-servo power drive system for fast approach, bending and return speeds. The  power drive contains two AC servomotors that include a 2.9-kW motor for bending and a 1.3-kW motor for approach and return.

Other features include a 5-axis L-Shift back gauge, which speeds setup for complex parts. High-speed movement ensures that the gauge fingers are positioned as quickly as the operator positions the part. The unit also features automatic angle measuring, offline programming, multiple part load/unload stations and an automatic toolchanger.

Amada also offers the EG 6013 AR, a robotic version of the 6013 with the power and precision of a servo electric press brake with an advanced bending robot engineered for unmanned production of any lot size or part mix.

The back gauge of the EG 6013 AR is equipped with tactile sensors that detect the position of the part in the X and Y directions prior to bending and initiate corrective measures if the sensors detect that tolerances have drifted.

Several unloading options are also available. Completed parts can be stacked by the robot, placed in boxes or on a synchronized conveyor belt. The robot can change bending tools and grippers automatically and handle workpieces throughout the entire process.

Bystronic Mini press brake

Bystronic Xpert 40 press brake from  is a 40-ton unit that offers two new options: an optional bending line laser for bending a part without using the back gauge and an optical foot switch that increases speed and improves ergonomics. The 6-axis pressbrake back gauge has the ability to 'capture' the part, “This capture feature allows for processing more complicated shapes by not only ensuring the gauge locations are correct in the typical X direction, but they ensure the gauge locations are correct in the Z and R directions, as well.

Dynamite LVD Mini press brake

LVD Strippit expanded its Dyna-Press series of compact, high-speed electric press brakes with the Dyna-Press 40/15 Plus, a 40-ton model that offers a working length of 60 in. The new machine joins a roster of small machines, including 12-ton and 24-ton versions introduced last year.

Like other Dyna-Press models, the new Dyna-Press 40/15 Plus efficiently bends parts at speeds of 59 ipm, producing more parts per hour at a lower cost, Marzullo says.  The coupling of the ram and servomotors is realized through two heavy-duty ballscrews to distribute force and tonnage evenly across the working length. The electric ram offers smooth transition from approach to working speed and minimizes power consumption through the use of an optimal power-to-inertia motor ratio.

In addition to the fast-acting ram and higher bending force, the newest Dyna-Press provides impressive production capabilities with consistent repeatability, accuracy and flexibility to handle a broader range of parts through its precision 4-axis back gauge. 

Trumpf Mini Pressbrake for metal bending

Trumpf’s TruBend Series 7000 precision press brakes are compact machines for bending parts up to 40 in.

Trumpf 7036 model is the world’s most ergonomic mini press brake. Optimum working conditions and user-friendly operating elements are integrated into the machine. Gas spring supported pedals allow the height and angle of the foot rests to be adjusted. The arm support is also adjustable, enabling operators to set the workpiece to individual preferences.

In addition, the monitor for the TA6000 control system of the TruBend Series 7000 can be adjusted electronically and set to the appropriate angle. Optional Trumpf LED lighting illuminates the area in front of and behind the beam, ensuring correct lighting conditions at the bend, without heat radiation. An optional laser diode also projects the bend line onto the surface of the sheet metal, simplifying the accuracy of guiding the workpiece into the back gauge