The Working Principle Of Hydraulic Bending Machine

Hydraulic bending machines includes a framework, work table and clamp plate on the table in a cradle, bench constituted by the base and clamp plate, base connected by a hinge and clamp plate, base, coil and cover plates, coils within SAG, SAG top cover cover plate.

Folding bent machine equipment of angle precision in full length of folding bent within can control in 

± 0.5 °. by customer of requirements, we also can in equipment Shang equipment has 60Omm long of ball screw through servo motor drive to completed artifacts positioning (x axis) size, work of positioning precision for, servo motor of tell for 0.01 mm, fuck author in familiar has NC machine of operation Hou can faster completed different angle, different length ± 0.05 mm, more road folding bent process of work folding bent, Greatly improve has efficiency. for larger tonnage of equipment, machine can prepared Shang deflection compensation configuration, work deflection can control in each meters 0.75mm within. equipment applies Yu big tonnage, super long artifacts of folding bent and the production bulk big of process Shang. equipment of key parts abroad imports. I factory production of specifications in 50 to 500 tons, folding bent artifacts of length in 1.6 meters to 8 meters long,.

Bending machine used by the conductor when the coil is energized, after electrify have gravity on the plate and thus the pressure plate and the base plate between clamp. as a result of electromagnetic forces holding, makes the plate can be made into a variety of workpieces requires and the side wall of workpiece machining. bending machine you can replace bending machine mould, so as to meet the needs of various artifacts.