Why Buying Servo Hybrid Press Brakes

Why Buying Servo Hybrid Press Brakes

CNC Servo Hybrid Press brakes adopting variable servo pump system with auto CNC press brake bending force command.

Hybrid servo brakes are true green machines with great energy saving, it have a 60% energy savings while in standby mode, 44% savings during the metal profiles bending cycle, that's one big cost if your workshop are running metal bending fabrications everyday.

Quiet Press brake bending machine, Hybrid press brake won't make any noise when in standby mode or operator writing bending programs in CNC controller, motor&pump almost in silent if press brake operator have not depress pedal.

Smaller bending oil tank when bending force&oil cycle required via different actul bending sheet.

Accurate&fast bending. 

CNC Hybrid press brakes are much more accurate than standard synchro press brakes. Each side of a servo hybrid press brake is independently drived by its own hydraulic tank&valves system, with each cylinder having its own servo motor and oil pump. Beyond the accuracy of the scale we have each servo motor measuring and controlling the amount of fluid that we’re pushing through the valves. So it’s more controlled, on command, like a direct drive system, which all can ensure accurate&fast metal bending.

Getting one affordable CNC Servo Hybrid Pressbrake from China CNC Press brakes manufactures.