Yawei 20mm6M Guillotine 600T6M CNC Pressbrake Shipped To Customer

Yawei 20mm 6M Guillotine&600T6M CNC Pressbrake shipped to Customer

Curently, we have delivered one 20mm*6000MM CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shear and 600T6M CNC Press brake to customer, 6m Large metal shears can cutting 20mm stainless steel with Max cutting material length 6m*20ft sheet cutting capacity, or 10mm stainless steel cutting&20ft cutiing capacity, standard Yawei 6m large cnc guillotine coming with Italy made ESA S625 full cnc touchs creen controller, it features cnc auto cnc controlled back gauge, cnc controlled cutting angle, cnc controlled cutting angle, DELEM DAC360T, DAC362T full touch screen Guillotine controller, Cybelec Touch 6, Cybelec Touch 8 are all available for different metal cutting applications.

Yawei 600T6m cnc press brakes standard comingw ith Germany hydraulic system, DELEM DA58T 2D Graphical controller or Italy made ESA S640 graphical controller, X&R  2 axis servo motorized bending back gauge as standard, CNC auto hydraulic crowning table or CNC Wila type motorized mechanical wave crowning table as options. You can also choose DELEM DA66T big touch screen for your 6m large metal bending machine, all CE features are included for all European sheet metal cutting&bending applications, like rear light curtain for cutting machine, Germany Fiessler, Italy DSP, Pilz Laser gaurding, Australia made Lazersafe IRIS laser guarding, SICK Light curtain guarding for all kinds of safety protections.

600T6M CNC press brake can bending Max 16mm mild steel plate with 6m sheet bending capacity, large Radius multi V die can suit your complicated metal bending profiles from 6mm steel to 16mm metal folding, 8mm stainless bending are also available up to 6m length; while if you have 10mm or 12mm stainless steel bending jobs, you can put them on Yawei 600T6m cnc press brakes, but Max material bending length can be shorten to 4m or 5m according to your sheet profiles. Metal Bumper bendings, heavy steel structure buildings.


Many Truck Parts manufactures and builders are buying Yawei 400T4m 6 axis cnc press brakes to bending truck parts in their business plant, they are bending truck trailers, bending platforms,Bending Skeletal, Bending Flatdecks, Bending Dropside, Tautliner;  Using press brake to produce Tippers, included bendng rear tipper, bending side tipper, bending dropside Tipper;  press brakes can manufacture all kinds of Tankers, bending Aluminium fuel tanker, Alumium Auger Bulk tankers, Steel&Aliminium dry bulk tankers or bending conical chemical tankers; some truck bodies manufacture ordered Yawei 4m&6m 400T cnc press brakes to bending unique trailersw ith special bending&forming tools, can bending different kind of Bumper parts according to their Truck business. 

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