Yawei 4m Sheet Metal Guillotine Stock Forsale

Yawei 4m Sheet Metal Guillotine Shears stock forsale China manufactures

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Yawei China made 4m variable rake guillotine shearing machines stock forsale

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Are you looking for 4m metal sheet vertical cutting machines with variable rake angle from China manufactures suppliers?

This Yawei made 4m metal sheet guillotine shears is variable rake angle design, standard guillotine with ESTUN made E21S NC controller, can make position and program function for the back gauge and cutting times. Ball screw and linear guide motorised powered back gauge, CNC central auto lubrications, motorised cutting blades gap adjustment, variable cutting angle adjustment.

Above images from Yawei China manufactures factory, if you want to purchase this Yawei 4m metal sheet guillotine shears, email us!