Yawei 8M Large Synchro CNC Press Brake Machines In Assembling

Yawei 8M Large Synchro CNC Press Brake Machines in assembling factory China

Anhui Yawei 800T8000mm Synchro CNC Press Brake Machines is assembling now at factory china, this bigger 8m CNC press brake machines will standard with DELEM DA52S CNC Press Brake controllers, X axis CNC automatic press brake back gauge, wila type cnc press brake mechanical crowning system made in china

Y1&Y2 using Heidenhain linear encoder technology to ensure synchro

Yaskawa servo motor and drive for accurate&fast position and program

Max Bending of mild steel metal plate 16mm*8000mm

8m large hydraulic sheet metal bending machines made in china

Quality bigger CNC hydraulic press brake machines manufacture china

Any interesting or details required, please send email to export@ahycnc.com

Quality 16*8000mm Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes Machines made in china