Yawei China Manufacture 8 Axis CNC Press Brake Machines

Yawei China Manufacture 8 axis CNC press brake machines

Pressbrake machines we also called CNC metal bending machine, it's CNC controlled some axis automatically to bending or forming one metal sheet to one determined angle or shape.

It's required high quality tools to finish the bending job, included top punch and Multi V die which suit for sheet bending requirements.

Yawei AHYW 8 axis cnc press brake machines standard coming with DELEM DA66T Touch screen controller, operator can use offline software to make the product drawings and make the simulations on software, then unload it directly to DELEM CNC Pressbrake controller.

8 axis cnc press brakes, CNC auto controlled the following axis:

Y1&Y2: Hydraulic cylinders moving up&down

X1&X2: 2 independent finger stops moving forward&backward on linear gudie

R1&R2: pressbrake finger stops moving up&down

Z1&Z2: pressbrakes finger stops moving between left&right

Standard Yawei CNC pressbrake machines with CNC controlled Hydraulic crowning table, also you can choose Motorised mechanical crowing table according to your metal bending jobs and special machine specifications design.

8 axis cnc pressbrake machines also can be designed to Y1&Y2,Z1&Z2,R&X,X1&X2 and CNC Auto crowning table