AHYW 3 Axis CNC Press Brakes 80T

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AHYW 3 Axis CNC Press Brakes 80T Yawei manufactures made in China

AHYW Yawei 3 axis cnc metal sheet bending brakes China suppliers


This AHYW 3 axis cnc brake press is one compact entry level synchro pressbrake, adopting ESA 530 compact CNC pressbrake controller, Bosch Rexroth proportional valves technology and Italy Givi linear scale for Y1&Y2 moving monitor and controlled.

Standard 3 axis cnc controlled pressbrakes, included Y1&Y2 left&right cylinders, X cnc controlled back gauge for auto bending stroke.


Standard equipments of AHYW 3 axis cnc brakes pressing bending machines80T2500mm, 8 feet sheet metal cnc bending brakes:


. ESA 530 cnc compact bending controller


.CNC controlled auto Y1,Y2 and X axis , 3 axsi cnc synchro electro servo pressbrake sheet metal bending brakes
. AC motorized press brakeback gauge system with ball screwed&linear guide in X-axis


. Italy Givi High accuracy linear encoders (0.005) for Y1&Y2 axis monitoring and feedback
. CNC Automatic adjustment of bending angle according to length, thickness and type of the material of specific sheet metal bending profiles

. CNC Automatic calculation of required bending stroke for the required metal bending angle
. Compatibility of used tooling and bending part
. Automatic tonnage adjustment for bending profiles
. Storing the programs in memory and recalling
. Hardened, grinded and standard segmented (835 mm) top and bottom tooling system. Bottom tool with 2 V quick change dies


AHYW CNC Pressbrake special bending table suitable  for Amada Euro 2V quick change pressbrakes dies.

Amada Euro standard 60mm four way dies and European standard single V dies

. User-friendly, movable and ergonomic control panel carrying all buttons
. Double Foot pedal control
. CNC auto pressbrakes Back gauge fingers with the accuracy of 0.01

6 cnc backgauge.jpg 
. Hydraulic system by proportional valve system with the brands Bosch-Rexroth or Hoerbiger

80T back.jpg

. Electrical panel system, designed to meet CE standards and composed of automation and electrical components.
. Amada Promecam cnc pressbrake quick released clamping

quick released clamping.jpg

. Height adjustable Front support arms moving on linear guide


Options of AHYW 3axis CNC Sheet Metal Bending Brakes 8 feet Yawei made in China suppliers

. CNC controlled auto R axis bending back gauges


. CNC controlled auto hydraulic crowning table CNC Hydraulic crowing table.jpg.

 Motorized Wila Anti-Deflection System which operates automatically


All kinds of CNC pressbrakes controllers, DELEM DA52S, DA58T&DA66T full touch screen Graphical controller,  ESA 540, S640 15 inch touch screen 2D color synchro pressbrake controllers
. Hydraulic oil coolant
. AHYW designed Special top and bottom tools for special metal bending profiles.
. AHYW Front light guard system for bending operator protections
. Laser protection system for die area for AHYW quality brake press, DSP, Fiessler, Lazer Safe guarding are all available.

. AHYW pressbrakes designed Special throat depth (400, 500 and 600 mm)
.Hydraulic top and bottom tool holding system
. Sliding front arms with bearing rollers
. Automatic slide greasing system for synchro bending brakes.

AHYW Hybrid pressbrakes links:http://www.ahycncs.net/hydraulic-press-brakes/cnc-hydraulic-press-brakes/hybrid-press-brake-machines-3mtr-yawei.html

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