QC11Y Rake Guillotine Shear 12×3200

Product Details

Main Features:

• QC11YK Hydraulic Rake Guillotine Shear-12*3200

• 12mm Plate Cutting Machines

• Plate thickness: 12mm

• Plate width: 3200mm

• Depth throat: 150mm

• Back gauge: 750mm

• Rake angle: 0.5°-2.0°

• Stroke times: 9

• Main motor: 15KW

• Dimension: 3900*2000*2500 mm

• Gross Weight: 10.5T


• China top level valves and pump; with manual adjustment for rake angle

• Four cutting edges for top&bottom blades

• Manual clearance adjustment, E21 NC controller,

• Frequency inverter

•Can make go to position for back gauge, Return by nitrogen gas; front finger protection guard.

• Three units front supports with ruler


• Pneumatic rear sheet support

• DAC310, DAC360 CNC controller

• Cybelec Touch 6 controller

• Ball screw&linear guide back gauge

• CE light guard